Bryony Bennett

Bryony Bennett

Writer, editor and communication advisor

Bryony has worked for almost 30 years as a rural, environmental and science writer, editor and communication advisor. She has qualifications in journalism and agriculture, takes great photos, and has a talent for simplifying complex information and finding creative ways to communicate. When not in the office, Bryony can be found in a paddock, weeding, watering and worrying about her crop of pepper berry trees.

phone 0438 175 268

Louise Bell

Louise Bell

Graphic design

Louise Bell is an experienced graphic designer who began honing her skills thousands of miles away on a newspaper at Esperance, WA. She has since spent more than 20 years meeting the communication needs of scientists, producing ecosystem and climate illustrations for books and journals, and designing brochures, research reports, prize-winning posters and anything else that has come her way. Louise is a master of InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. She also plays a mean ukulele.
phone 0459 138 838

Why Lightbox42?

Before setting up office at The City Mill in 2014, we worked for many years in a communication group that made good use of a large square lightbox. (For the younger reader, we used this apparatus to check the quality of photographic slides.)

After weeks of pondering a name for our creative collective, we had our lightbox moment. We think the name lightbox typifies both our experience and our bright talent for communication. The 42 adds Hobart’s latitude, and the meaning of life.

Proofing lightbox

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